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Divorce coach, mediator, and family law consultant

Do you need a divorce coach?

  • Considering leaving your marriage
  • Currently processing a divorce
  • Recovering from divorce

A divorce coach can help anyone considering leaving their marriage, processing a divorce or recovering from divorce. "Divorce" is at best disrupting, confusing, and unsettling. At worst it is emotionally draining, stressful and frightening, and the fear often creates false conceptions and irrational reactions.

As your guide, I offer you support and help you focus the strategies you need to navigate the divorce process. I can assist you in making the decisions that will favorably impact your financial situation and your relationship with your children.

I will serve as a sounding board to help you manage your emotions and determine your needs moving forward. Hiring a divorce coach can save you time, money and energy. I will work with you and your legal counsel to help you prepare a budget, gather necessary documents, and prepare for mediation or litigation. As your divorce coach I will not only help you through the divorce process but, just as important, help you overcome the negative aspects of divorce and leave you with a renewed sense of confidence, self-esteem, and hopeful anticipation of your future.

Will your divorce be calm or stormy?

After practicing family law for many years, I could often tell during an initial meeting with my client if the divorce was going to be relatively tranquil or very traumatic. Every divorce seems to have a life of its own and can have lasting positive or negative effects on the individuals.

It depends on the parties

Many divorces proceed smoothly yet some start off extremely bitter and continue to be toxic to the parties, their friends and families. The factors that most frequently impact the course of a divorce are:

  1. The personalities of the parties and their ability to communicate with each other
  2. Whether one or both parties want to be divorced
  3. The various expectations of the parties as to what they believe they need to move forward.

But you don't have to struggle alone

I will help you work through the various issues while making rational decisions that are important to you and your well-being. I will be there when the seas are rough and will show you the way to a bright and productive future.

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About Steven Kriegshaber, J.D.

I have 40 years of experience working with divorce clients as a family law attorney, domestic violence prosecutor, and guardian for children.

I am trained and certified in collaborative divorce, arbitration and mediation. In addition, I have served on national committees advocating for children in divorce and have spoken at numerous family law seminars on various aspects of divorce.

My purpose is to navigate clients through the trauma of divorce and help them transition to a better life for themselves and their children.


  • Certified Divorce Coach®
  • Certified Family Law Mediator in Kentucky and Florida
  • Certified Family Law Arbitrator - American Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys

Professional Memberships

  • Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Attorneys
  • Kentucky Bar Association
  • Kentucky Collaborative Family Law Association
  • International Association of Collaborative Professionals

Divorce coach, mediator, and family law consultant

  • Exploring divorce options
  • Collaborative process facilitator
  • Preparing parties for mediation
  • Serving as a neutral mediator
  • Creating parenting plans
  • Gaining clarity for decisions
  • Managing emotions and conflict
  • Planning for the future

Let's work to go forward together